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Unity Candle

Optional Ceremonies

There are many small ceremonies that can be added to your original ceremony to add meaning and symbolism. I have provided a few samples below. If you decide to include one or more optional ceremonies I can provide you with additional written samples.

I did not write any of these ceremonies; they have been written and re-written many times over. I'm not sure we will ever know who the original author was.

These ceremonies were chosen by me to be included on my website and you may find a ceremony with completely different wording that you would prefer to use. Good luck in your search for a ceremony with the perfect wording for you, I will be honored to help you search for it.

The Rose ceremony usually occurs after the exchange of the wedding rings and before the pronouncement of husband and wife. As with the Sand ceremony, Breaking of the Glass, Wine and Unity Candle ceremonies, is a beautiful way to add a contemporary twist to your celebration, making it all the more memorable for both you and your guests. In the old language of flowers, a single red rose always meant "I love you". The Rose ceremony gives recognition to the new and most honorable title of "Husband and Wife". A simple exchange of a single rose between the bride and groom represents the giving of a gift of unconditional love... not just on the wedding day, but for the future of the couple's marriage.

The Sand ceremony can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to your wedding ceremony and usually occurs after the wedding ring exchange. Simply find a large wide-mouthed container to pour the sand into, and smaller containers to pour the sand from. As the officiant performs the reading, the participants pour the small containers of sand into the larger container, one at a time.

The Sand ceremony is also a wonderful way to include your children or other family members in your wedding ceremony. In the Family Unity Sand Ceremony, each family member pours a different color sand into the center container, symbolizing each individual joining and being blended into the new family. Each of the readings below can be easily modified to suit a family unity ceremony.

The Unity Candle ceremony usually occurs after the exchange of the wedding rings. The Unity Candle set consists of two slender (taper) candles, a large center (pillar) candle and a votive candle.

The candles are usually white candles although the Bride may want to coordinate the colors of the candles with those of her dress or bridal party. Unity candles are not indicative of any religion and are used by all faiths. Like the Sand ceremony, Breaking of the Glass , Wine ceremony and Rose ceremony, the Unity Candle ceremony symbolizes the blending of two lives. In a more contemporary twist, you could include additional taper candles to represent children or other family members and perform a family unity ceremony.

The Wine ceremony is hip and contemporary, yet gives any ceremony an old world, traditional feel. Like the Sand ceremony, Breaking of the Glass, Rose and Unity Candle ceremonies, the Wine ceremony symbolizes the blending of your two lives into one. The Rose is the symbol of love, and the blending of the red and white wine creates a light pink Rose Wine, celebrating the love of the new couple. Many couples enjoy the unique nature of the Wine ceremony.

Once you have booked your Ceremony with me, I will gladly provide additional ceremony options for you to review. I have an entire scrapbook devoted to these intimate additions to your ceremony.

You can use this link if you are ready to book your ceremony with me.

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