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Have a joyful and unforgettable ceremony -
just the way you want it.

Congratulations! It is my desire to help you create a ceremony based on your desires, whether it be adopted from your religion or of a civil nature. So, let's get together. Here is what you can plan on at our first meeting

We will chat, ask and answer a few questions of one another to get better acquainted.

If we agree that you want me to perform your ceremony, we will then ...

Fill out and sign an agreement detailing the when and where.
I will accept your non-refundable deposit to reserve your date and time.
The balance is due before I sign and submit your Marriage License.

We will also discuss what type of ceremony you have in mind.

What type of ceremony do you want? If you wish to have a Basic or Traditional Ceremony I have a form we will review together. We will check the choices and fill in the blanks.

Or if you prefer a Custom Ceremony I will provide a Ceremony Planning Guide. With this guide you can sit down together and choose the elements to make your ceremony special. You may choose from a selection of pre-written vows and traditions or you may write your own. You can mix traditional with non-traditional. You may add items or themes from other customs or cultures. You are encouraged to add your own ideas and creativity.

We will set a date, time, and place to have an in-depth planning session, at which time we will design as much of your ceremony as possible. I usually plan for at least an hour to an hour-and-a-half. I will then draft the ceremony and submit it for your approval within two weeks.

In some cases a second planning session may be desired, closer to the date of the wedding, to resolve any last minute changes. One planning session and unlimited phone calls are included in my fee.

I prefer to gather as many persons of the wedding party for a rehearsal the evening before your ceremony to work out any last minute details. By the end of the rehearsal there should be no questions regarding who does what or who goes where. The rehearsal should last about an hour. Most rehearsals are included in the ceremony quote, however, I reserve the right to charge for a rehearsal. If you prefer I will furnish you with a Rehearsal Guide so you can perform your own rehearsal.

TIPPING: Should the Officiant be tipped? Gratuities are a method of showing an extra bit of thanks to a service professional for a job well done. We gladly accept them, but they are never expected or solicited.

Best wishes and God bless!
Debora Garner Andrews

All people should be free to follow the beliefs of their own heart, free to benefit from those beliefs
and free to share those beliefs without prejudice. ~ Debora Garner Andrews

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